Mental Health Occupational Therapists

Mental Health Occupational Therapist (MH OT) First Contact Practitioners are highly skilled and experienced clinicians who can see patients who present to the GP surgery with a mental health concern without having to see a GP. They can complete advanced risk assessments and help with a variety of mental health concerns.

MH OTs can offer support which focuses on how mental health may be affecting people’s daily life. Their intervention helps with anxiety and mood management, regulating emotions, developing motivation and interest levels, re-engaging in hobbies and important roles within a person’s life.

Together with the patient, the MHOT will develop a plan to support a person’s mental health, enabling the person to be more independent and feel more in control of their daily life.

Top 5 reasons to see your Surgery MH OT

  1. Reduces onward referral by getting support within the GP Surgery
  2. You receive a thorough assessment and a management plan or rehabilitation in the initial appointment.
  3. Reduce the need for medication.
  4. Seeing the right person first time.
  5. Getting time to tell your story and look at the occupation aspect of mental health.

The Team


Mental Health Occupational Therapist for Brierley Park Medical Group

Jo Marson

Mental Health Occupational Therapist for Brierley Park Medical Group


Any mental health concern, this can include:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression / low mood
  • Struggling with motivation
  • Acute life events such as bereavement, job loss, relationship breakdowns
  • Sleep difficulties
  • Confidence and / or self-esteem issues
  • Intrusive thoughts
  • Drug and alcohol issues
  • Mental health pathologies such as personality disorder, schizophrenia etc


  • Under 17-year-olds
  • Any issues with current medication
  • Physical health problems e.g. pain

What to expect in your appointment

The MH OT will listen to your concerns and carry out their detailed assessments to be able to determine the best management plan. This can include short term intervention in your GP surgery, talking therapies or referring onto secondary services who provide more specialist care.

If medication is an appropriate treatment the MH OT can discuss with the Doctors alongside a full management plan

Frequently Asked Questions

I just want to get medication from the GP!

Medication is not always going to aid mental health concerns. The MH OT will assess the bigger picture to provide a management plan and discuss when medication may help you on you journey. Occupational Therapists are unable to prescribe but they work closely with the GPs and prescribers to make your healthcare journey be more streamlined.

I want a medication increased.

As above if medication is not effectively working the MH OT can assess other factors that may help your symptoms. MH OTs can discuss with GPs or prescribers if changes in medication are suitable.

Can they write sick notes?

Yes. MH OTs are able to write sick notes / Med3’s if you feel you are not able to work or need support for amended duties.

Are MHOTs qualified?

Yes, highly specialised. Our Mental Health Occupational Therapist all have an undergraduate degree in Occupational Therapy, they all have extensive expert experience working in a variety of settings of mental health. They all complete a First Contact Practitioner Roadmap additional University training to upskills in the demands of primary care and managing your health holistically.